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Fast (Pallet) Drying Kilns

Today, wooden packaging materials are exported from our country to other countries, and they are subjected to ISPM15 Heat Treatment. However, although these wooden packaging materials have been heat-treated recently, greening and molding occur in wooden packaging materials due to the moisture in the essence of the wood, and this issue creates a big problem in the exported countries, and therefore, the Wood Packaging Materials manufacturers in our country are subject to various legal sanctions and pay a large price. In order to prevent this greening and molding, wood moisture rates should be lowered below 15-20%.

The fast (pallet) drying ovens we produce are convection ovens. Convection drying ovens are ovens with steam boiler, hot oil boiler and hot water boiler. The fluid (steam, oil or water) produced by these boilers is circulated in the serpentine pipes laid inside the furnace and the serpentines are heated, and the interior of the furnace chamber is heated by circulating air and hitting the serpentines with the axial fans placed inside the furnace.

Hot air boilers in our quick drying ovens since the beginning of 2022 not used.

Recently, natural gas radiant systems, which are very practical to use, have been preferred both in terms of investment cost and ease of use.

In the construction of the Drying ISPM15 Heat Treatment Furnaces, high quality production is made within the framework of engineering knowledge, especially in the fields of insulation, statics and ergonomics. The modularity of the furnace chambers provides great convenience, especially in the displacements caused by the furnaces address change in the future. 


* It is assumed that the pallets are 80x120 cm in size and stacked together. Oven dimensions are inside.
** Different sizes can be produced according to your demand and space conditions.

  • Solid Fuel, Natural Gas or Electricity can be used as fuel type in line with the customer's request. Hot water, steam or hot oil boilers are used as heaters.

  • The furnace chambers we manufacture provide great convenience in the installation phase and in disassembly works that may result from a change of address in the future, due to the modular structure (welded-free joining) made of aluminum.

  • In our Fast (Pallet) Drying Ovens; HEATING SYSTEM, OVEN ROOM (with suspended ceiling), FULL AUTOMATIC DRYING AUTOMATION AND VENTILATION systems are included in our prices. However, according to your preference, HEATING SYSTEM or OVEN ROOM can be provided by you.

  • Our drying systems are automatic PLC controlled and system control is done with Touch panel. It has reporting, fault control, remote access features. With these features, it can remotely monitor the system operation and interfere with its operation. 

  • m if requestedWe can also modify your existing ISPM15 Heat Treatment Furnaces and turn them into Dryer ISPM15 Heat Treatment Furnaces.

  • With leasing, you can easily purchase our product with a term of up to 5 years and in low installments.

  • Our furnaces are guaranteed for 1 year against production faults and 10 years for service and spare parts supply.

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