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ISPM15 Heat Treatment Kilns

In the construction of ISPM15 Heat Treatment Kilns, high quality production is made especially in the fields of insulation, static and ergonomics within the framework of engineering knowledge. The modularity of the furnace chambers makes it particularly convenient for relocations due to the address change of the furnace in the future. The ovens are produced by our expert manufacturing teams as de-assembled in our facilities and installed by our experienced assembly team as soon as they are transported to your workplace. We are the only company in this field that manufactures all of its equipment consisting the kiln such as;


  • Kiln chamber

  • Door

  • Heater (Electric, Solid Fuel or Natural Gas Hot Air Boiler)

  • Air Ducts

  • Control unit

Therefore, we provide the fastest and highest quality service in after-sales services (service, spare parts).

palet kereste ahşap kurutma fırını ispm15 pallet timber wood drying oven


* It is assumed that the pallets are 80x120 cm in size and stacked together. Oven dimensions are inside.
** Different sizes can be produced according to your demand and space conditions.

  • Our ISPM 15 Heat Treatment furnaces are the only furnaces in Turkey that comply with TSE.

  • Our furnace rooms are prefabricated and manufactured from steel construction,

  • The heating process is done with our own production AYG-SHK series Hot Air Boilers, there is no danger of explosion as steam, water or oil is not used as a fluid. There is therefore no obligation to operate a qualified boiler operator. You can also choose the heating system electrically with our new production AYG-ESHK Electric Hot Air Boilers.

  • Automation system is unique to our company and all registration processes are computer controlled. Since the whole interface is in Turkish, ISPM 15 is very easy to print out, take graphics and collect backward data at the end of heat treatment.

  • Our prices are turnkey, and boiler, oven room, ventilation, automation prices are included.

  • Our measuring devices are approved by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK).

  • With Leasing, you can easily purchase our product up to 5 years with low installments.

  • Our furnaces are guaranteed for 1 year against production defects and 10 years for service and spare parts supply.

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