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Timber Drying Kilns

Hot air boilers in our drying ovens since 2019 not usedThe timber drying kilns we produce are convection kilns. Convection drying ovens are ovens with steam boiler, hot oil boiler and hot water boiler. The fluid (steam, oil or water) produced by these boilers is circulated in the serpentine pipes laid inside the furnace and the serpentines are heated, and the interior of the furnace chamber is heated by circulating air and hitting the serpentines with the axial fans placed inside the furnace.


Our company can produce prefabricated aluminum construction timber drying kilns with a timber loading capacity of 25 to 100 M3 as a single chamber or as multi-chamber as you wish, or it can install timber drying systems in the reinforced concrete rooms you have built.

palet kereste ahşap kurutma fırını ispm15 pallet timber wood drying oven


* It is assumed that the timber to be saved is 50 mm. Oven dimensions are inside.
** Different sizes can be produced according to your demand and space conditions.

  • Solid fuel, natural gas or electricity can be used as fuel type.

  • Because of the modular structure (seamless joining), the furnace rooms we manufacture provide great facilities during installation and disassembly works that may be caused by address change in the future.

  • In our lumber kilns, heating system, oven room (suspended ceiling), fully automatic drying automation, humidification and ventilation systems are included in our prices. However, heating or furnace room can be provided by you according to your preference.

  • If requested, the timber drying furnace can be modernized and the ISPM15 Heat Treatment System (wood packaging industry) can be added.

  • Our drying systems are automatic PLC controlled and system control is done by touch panel. Reporting, fault control, remote access features are available. With these features, it can monitor the system operation remotely and interfere with its operation. Our system eliminates the need to own computers and is extremely easy to use.

  • With Leasing, you can easily purchase our product up to 5 years with low installments.

  • Our furnaces are guaranteed for 1 year against production defects and 10 years for service and spare parts supply.

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