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Annealing and Heat Treatment Furnaces

It is called heat treatment to obtain the desired mechanical properties and internal structures of the metals and their alloys by applying different processes at temperatures below the melting temperature depending on the phase diagrams.

  • Heat treatment is a sequence of heating and cooling processes applied to a material in a given temperature-time program in order to change the properties and / or internal structure of a material.

  • In other words, to obtain a certain condition in terms of internal structure and properties, the heating and cooling of the material in appropriate order and time below the solidus temperature is called heat treatment.

  • During the process, the chemical composition of the steel changes with the effect of the medium (such as in carburizing and nitriding)


Heat treatment consists of three main phases. These are heating, holding at the heated temperature and cooling. In all heat treatment methods, these three main stages apply. However, depending on the type of heat treatment applied, parameters such as heat treatment temperature, holding time, heating and holding speed are changed. The heating, holding and cooling phases are called thermal cycles. Depending on the type of heat treatment applied, the process is either completed by one cycle or the heat treatment is completed by several successive thermal cycles.

Our heat treatment furnaces for metals can be produced as car-based, well type, chamber type, laboratory type or tunnel type. With these ovens;



-Wire annealing,

-Stress Relief,

- Various heat treatments can be made upon request.

The maximum applicable temperature is 1300 ° C. Optionally, the heating system may be electric, natural gas or liquid fuel.


  • Thanks to its strong chassis, defects caused by thermal expansion are minimized,

  • Doors can be opened upwards, sideways or forwards according to customer request,

  • Resistance wires used in electric heated furnaces are Kanthal A1 wires resistant to 1400 C,

  • Proper heating is provided by PLC controlled PID heating. In addition, you can prepare your own recipes with heat treatment program can be applied as you want. Retrospective data tracking and graphic monitoring options are also available.

  • Insulations are alumina brick, ceramic blanket or board plate,

  • Temperature measurements are provided with K Type NiCr-Ni 25-1200 ºC Nickel-Chrome thermocouples,

  • With Leasing, you can easily purchase our product up to 5 years with low installments,

  • Our furnaces are guaranteed for 1 year against production defects and 10 years for service and spare parts supply.

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