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Paper Tube Drying Ovens

Products expressed as cardboard rolls, by other sectors; It is also expressed as cardboard cup, helmet tube, cardboard roll, cardboard bobbin, cardboard tube.

Plastic, printing and printing industry, etc., especially the textile industry. It has a wide market by producing cardboard rolls (cores) from 25 mm diameter to 400 mm diameter, from 1 mm wall thickness to 17 mm wall thickness, and from 100 cm to 250 cm for both winding and protection and packaging for all sectors that need it.

PLC Controlled Fully Automatic Core Drying Ovens have been developed by our company in order to reduce the moisture content in the cores, which is one of the most common problems faced by paper core manufacturers.

Some of the critical values of paper bobbins and bobbins that must be measured are as follows.

  • Dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter, length)

  • Resistance

  • Moisture

  • Glue viscosity

  • Slit and notch dimensions

  • Our furnace chambers are prefabricated and made of steel construction,

  • The heating process is done with our AYG-SHK series Hot Air Boilers, which are also our own production, and there is absolutely no danger of explosion since steam, water or oil are not used as fluids. Therefore, there is no obligation to employ a licensed boiler operator. In addition, you can choose the electric heating system with our new production AYG-ESHK Electric Hot Air Boilers.

  • The automation system is unique to our company and all recording processes are under computer control.

  • Our prices are turnkey; boiler, furnace room, ventilation, automation are included in our prices.

  • With leasing, you can easily purchase our product with a term of up to 5 years and in low installments.

  • Our ovens are against production errors 1  It is guaranteed for 10 years in terms of service and spare parts supply.

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